YES! Organic & No-Added Sulfite Sparkling Wines are a Thing! (DELICIOUS)

Wine Types
This is the 4th episode dedicated to sparkling wines, how they’re made and why it matters to their taste. I’ve partnered with Louis Bouillot, which is a producer of traditional method sparkling wines in the illustrious Burgundy wine region of France. They make fantastic sparkling wines called Cremants de Bourgogne from some of the best terroirs for sparklings in France, but in Burgundy, not in Champagne and they are truly fascinating wines. So, in previous episodes, we looked at the different grapes used to make sparklings and why they matter, how they taste different. We looked at different terroirs, and we looked at the influence of the vintage conditions as well. I certainly recommend you check those out after watching this video to learn more about those fascinating aspects. Today, I want to highlight innovations and advancements, new trends in the world of sparkling wines illustrating them with 3 wines. One is an organic sparkling wine because yes more and more wineries turn organic and it often, if you ask me, when it’s well made, make the wines more interesting, we’ll find out if it’s the case with this one. The other 2 wines are ‘no added sulfites’ wines because also yes, it is possible, not easy but possible to make even sparkling wines without sulfites and I can’t wait to have a word about sulfites but also to find out how these taste as I find sulfite-free wines, when they’re well made have a pure expression of fruit that is generally utterly enjoyable. But enough said for now, let’s get into the wines…

00:00 – Teaser
00:35 – Intro
03:16 – Organic Sparkling Wines
05:09 – Tasting Perle de Jade by Louis Bouillot
09:21 – No Added Sulfite Sparkling Wines
12:48 – Tasting No Added Sulfite Perle d’Ivoire
18:00 – Tasting No Added Sulfite Perle de Nuit
23:47 – Epilogue

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