Barley Wine: How Barley Wine is Made? – the Tibetan Recipe (It’s More than a Glass of Wine)

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Hi guys, This is is Jamyang.

Food is a huge passion of mine.

Except for a Tibetan local tour guide, I’m also a Tibetan chef, running a Tibetan-style family restaurant, with my special recipes including Tibetan sweet tea, Tibetan noodles, curry rice, yak meat, Tibetan Momo, Tibetan-style hotpot and more Tibetan dishes. If there is any chance, come to my restaurant and let me treat you a real Tibetan dinner. 🙂

However, eating or drinking at my restaurant or at a high-end restaurant, I always miss my homemade food. I believe we all love and miss the homemade food no matter what we are and where we are.

So, today’s video is about going back to my hometown where I could taste my favorite homemade beverage – Tibetan barley wine.

Barley wine, called Chang in Tibetan, is one of the most popular beverages in Tibet. Although barley wine can now be found in cans or bottles everywhere in Tibet, it is my uncle’s homemade barley wine that brings back the most memories for me.

I’m going to learn how to make the Tibetan barley wine in a very traditional way. The traditional way to make barley wine in Tibet has a long history, over 1300 years. Even now, many Tibetans in villages, like my uncle, would make the wine themselves at home.

The procedure of Tibetan barley wine can be briefly summarized as below:

1. Cook the barley well (about 2-3 hours)
2. Spread out the well-cooked barley onto the ground to get cool. (about half a day to completely cool down)
3. Mix the barley with pub, a kind of barley wine yeast, and put the mixed barley into the container
4. Wrap the container in blankets to keep the temperature around 20 degrees and wait for natural fermentation. (about 1 day)
5. Put boiled water into the container and leave the fermented barley with a cotton netting covered on the container. (about 2 hours)
6. Enjoy the barley wine! Cheers!

Patience is rewarded with deliciousness. The whole prodedure takes two days, although the video is just 13 minutes. While waiting for the wine fermentation, we visited the Jhoden Monastery, met Mr.Tashi and shot his daily life as a monk:

Besides, this video is more than making Tibetan barley wine. You will see what a Tibetan village family looks like, how we Tibetans make a toast, what kind of kitchen ware we’re using, and how the growing barley looks like.

I hope you will enjoy the video and can learn to make a barley wine at your home.

Shaptak! (Tibetan cheers)

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